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Crackpot Theories - Who will die? (City of Heavenly Fire by CassandraClare)



So City of Heavenly Fire is coming out in about 2 months and I'm really really excited for it! In fact, it's my most anticipated book of 2014! I've loved the Mortal Instruments series for a really long time. It's in my top 5 favourite series of all time.

So Cassandra Clare sent out news a while ago about how 5 named characters would be dead in the last book. Here, I am going to discuss the possibilities of certain characters dying - and possibly how I hope they may die if they die and what are the consequences, etc.

Firstly, some people think that Clary or Jace may die but I'm mostly sure that both of them will survive because Jace died before so I think he wouldn't die again... And Clary just doesn't seem like the type who will die in this book. If she does I'm calling this a #pullingaveronicaroth because ahemTrisdiedahem. Yeah.

So next, I am pretty sure either Alec or Magnus will die. Maybe both, but most likely not. I don't want either of them to die. But if they do, I'm hoping its Alec. I don't know I don't want Isabelle to lose both brothers but I want to see a Magnus croutching over Alec sobbing scene because I need it. I want it. And I just can't see Magnus dying in this book. I have a very huge feeling Alec will die instead. The other day, I saw this new picture that Cassandra Jean posted after reading the book. It was a shadowhunter with black hari on the floor in a pool of blood. Here's a picture:

I have a feeling it's Alec, otherwise it's Sebastian but I don't think Sebastian will die because otherwise it would be really cliché so no please. And it looks like Alec to me. So so much. And that quote, feels like something he would say after his break-up with Magnus. Oh my poor babies (OTP).

Next, I'm hoping that Isabelle and Simon will survive because come on its Isabelle and Simon. I love Isabelle and I'm pretty sure she won't die. And I'm guessing if Alec does die then Cassie Clare won't kill Simon because otherwise Isabelle would really be really alone. And I don't want that.

I won't write about all the characters because I can't remember everyone. But I'll try. At least those I can talk about (:

Next, okay I don't think Tessa and Jem will die. If you don't know who they are, they are from the Infernal Devices (: I won't spoil much but they are supposed to appear in the final book. They just appeared so I don't think they will die. Also, because of the ending of the Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices #3).

The next pairing who I think may die is Maia and Jordan. I won't mind if they die because I didn't like them much in the first place.  I think if they die, they should die together because its much more romantic to me at least. I don't have much to comment about this couple but I wouldn't mind if they die.

Lastly, I think Jocelyn and/or Luke will die. Honestly, I hope they don't but if they did I wouldn't feel as bad as I would if other characters died. Oh well.

Okay. I think this is the end of my Crackpot Theories - Who will die? TMI edition! I may eventually have edition 2 but who knows (:

Thank you!
Do comment down below who else you think will die or anything else you would like to discuss with me! Have a great day! And may COHF come out earlier:D

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