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City of Heavenly Fire Internal Release Celebration - Malec Edition (Day 1)

So today is May 24nd, which means there is exactly 3 days and who knows how may hours and minutes before City Of Heavenly Fire (My most anticipated book of 2014) is released.

On the 4th of April 2014, well over a month ago, I posted my first crackpot theories on the blog with my theories at that point in time. I don't necessarily agree with all of them now and when I look back at it now some seem pretty unlikely to me. However, not to worry, I have a brand new Crackpot Theory. This is part of my three day City Of Heavenly Fire Release Celebration. Today is day 1 and I have decided to have a post on my favorite couple of all time, Malec.

This are my crackpot theories, but they might as well also be my hopes for the books, all this are scenarios that I have imagined and cried over. A lot. over the past two years actually, I get this weird phase every few months where I get all sad and depressed and hopeful when I think of Malec.

With the amount of time that I have in my hands, I have since come up with and reformed new and and old ideas respectively. I will be separating this post into four headings.
  1. If Alec dies...
  2. If Magnus dies...
  3. If Alec & Magnus die...
*The Alec & Magnus die part also includes them surviving and how they die afterwards.
I would recommend that you do not read this until you have read all of Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter books. This will be full of spoilers so if you have not read the mortal instruments at least, please do not read this. Also, there may actually be spoilers for the actual book on the chance I become a book mind reader of some sort. So read at your own risk:)

Other than that, please enjoy my crazy ideas and do comment down below some of YOUR ideas/hopes/theories about City of Heavenly Fire.

And now, let the City of Heavenly Fire Release Celebration BEGIN!

First up, If Alec Dies...

As mentioned, I have actually thought about this topic about Malec dying before because I have phases in the year. For the past one and a half year, I have actually been pretty sure that Alec is going to die because I personally feel there is a higher chance. 

Honestly, I would not have been disappointed by that thought either. I'm not trying to be mean or ruin my OTP but I feel that there would be so much more impact if Alec died. Maybe even before Malec got back together. 

Possibly, and this is something I cry so much about, is the fact that perhaps Alec could be dying and maybe as he lies on the ground alone, he suddenly sees Magnus and the last thing that Alec ever sees is Magnus' beautiful cat eyes, and then he closes his eyes forever. Then, Magnus runs forward and falls to the ground beside Alec and cries something like, "Alec. Alec. Please. Please. Wake up. Please.

Another scenario that I have is that Alec would see Alec in trouble and sacrifice himself for Magnus in whatever way possible, maybe it could be a jump in front of my beloved scenario. It could even be a give up my life energy for my beloved kind of thing. But anyway, Magnus can't help him either because he has no energy left or Magnus just cannot heal him. Magnus and Alec have this sweet talk and at the end, Alec says his last words which include something about Magnus continuing to find happiness and then he dies.

Isn't it FUN thinking about such stuff! I hope your heart hurts as much as mine does too. Not forgetting the fact that I read fluff, then tragic then fluff then tragic fanfiction which makes it 3929047309428402384902849038402 worse than anything. 


If Magnus Dies...

It would tear me apart. 

My favorite character in the whole mortal instruments series. I have this theory of Magnus being the one dying happily of old age which was being teased by Cassie Clare (She only mentioned that someone would die happily of old age). However, this is a theory that I feel can be better discussed in the IF ALEC & MAGNUS DIE part of this blog post. 

So anyways, I don't think Magnus will die. I think this is actually the least likely among all four of the categories. I cannot imagine Magnus dying. I just cannot. I also could not imagine Malec broken up but they are - oh well. I really hope Magnus will not die because then I think there will be much less to write. But if Magnus does die...

I hope that if Magnus dies, it would be like the first Alec scenario where he is on the floor along and dying. And the last thing he hears is Alec calling out for him, last thing he sees is Alec suffering and crying and all... Sigh. This is making me so very sad. Sigh.

If Alec and Magnus Die (somewhat together)...


If both of them die together... Well, I think this is still pretty unlikely but still possible because obviously everything is possible as authors adore stabbing our hearts with knifes and making all that pain come.

There are three cases if Alec and Magnus die. 

One, they die in the COHF during the Sebastian chaos thing. 
 Second, they die after COHF but they don't manage to grow old together. 

The third one is the one I'm hoping for the most. The third one is also what I'm hoping happens in a teaser that Cassie mentioned about how someone would die happily of old age. My theory and hope is that both of them will survive and somehow along the way Magnus loses his immortality of Alec. Afterwards, they manage to grow old together and finally in the epilogue of COHF, we see Magnus talk about his life and then he dies of old age happily because he has lived a fulfilling live with Alec.   think it really could happen and I would really want it to because I love them so much. It would make me so so so happy with it. 


What are some of your theories? Please do share it with me!


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