Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Movie Review - The Fault in Our Stars (Adapted from the book by John Green)

I just watched TFIOS yesterday. Yes, don't judge. I know it's late by like 2 months. However, I couldn't find the time to go because of school and the fact that I was sick a lot.

I would also like to say that I am not a professional movie critic, I am mostly looking at the movie based on two aspects: 1. How similar it is to the book because I know the book well. 2. How I feel about this book. It is in no way influenced by anyone except for me. 

On the whole I was pretty satisfied with the movie. It was actually better than I expected so I'm quite happy. When I watched the movie, I basically had 3 criteria.

1. How similar it was to the book.
2. How different it was to the book.
3. The details.

Firstly, if I had to rate it and I had a scale of Percy Jackson to Harry Potter, I think it was nearer to HP. TFIOS was like the Harry Potter movies, where it should have been similar it was. Where it could be different it still had meaning and wasn't just a filler. I mean I understand that as it is afterall a movie there would be parts it had to cut. But for the parts that were in the movie, I think the crew did it, they made the movie the way it should be. This is one book to movie adaptation that actually stuck to the book details.

I finally understand why so many people loved the movie and although I don't love the movie, I think it is something I would call a great book to movie adaptation. It certainly did not disappoint the fans and all the hype. Really great movie.

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