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Book Review - The Bravest Princess by E.D.Baker (ARC copy)

The Bravest Princess
Wide Awake Princess
Expected publication date:
1st April 2014
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Official Bloomsbury website:


(From Goodreads)
Sleeping Beauty's younger, non-magical sister, Annie, still can't rest while trouble in the kingdom threatens her good friend, Snow White. Snow White's evil stepmother has disappeared, and her father wants her married off right away--but who should she choose? How can she tell which prince is best? It's Annie and her good friend Liam to the rescue! A hilarious and and fantastical romp through a fairy tale landscape from beloved author E D Baker. 
I received this book as an ARC from a few days before the publishing date and I was really excited because I loved the first book of the series. I never read the 2nd book because I didn't know it was a series but I remember how much I loved and raved about the first book. I can still remember the beautiful tale that E.D.Baker spun (ha spun ha! You will understand it if you read the first book! <3) when Annie basically had to save her entire kingdom from a curse. 

Once again, I was NOT disappointed. Indeed, E.D.Baker never fails to write the best children's books ever.

In the 3rd volume of the Wide-Awake Princess series, we follow Annie's point of view again. This time, we meet her friend Snow White who needs her help so she sets off with the all wonderful Prince Liam (fangirls!!!) and several others to see Snow White and handle some other stuff (ahem put a witch in a tower). Along the way, she finds out that someone else is following her ahemevilahem. Now, Snow White's problem is that her father wants her to marry someone right away. Basically Snow White and Annie set up challenges for the suitors who show up. Along the way my OTP - AnnieXLiam become closer. However of course evil forces threaten to destroy everything.

Thank you Bloomsbury for allowing me to read an ARC. I really enjoyed it! Once again E.D.Baker has written a beautiful and inspiring book which had me reminiscing over the times when I would just sit in my bed for hours and read fairy tales all day long. I haven't had that much fun reading a book in a long time! 

Do go and read this book! I guarantee you won't be disappointed! May you feel as much joy as I do reading this book!

4.5 Stars Out of 5 Stars

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