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So I recently saw a few wonderful booktubers doing this tag on youtube and I just really wanted to try it out. Here are a few links to the ones that I have watched:
 ^BTW, these are a few of my favourite booktubers around. Go check them out!

Comment below with you email, message me or email me if you would like a copy of my document with the names of my Marry Kiss Cliff Characters because I can't attach it urg.

Here's a picture of what it looks like.

 Okay, so here I go!


Round 1


Marry: Captain Thorne

Kiss: Alec Lightwood

Cliff: Peeta

First one in and I was a stuck. I love all three of them urg. Unfortunately Peeta is my least favourite among the three of them so CLIFF. Then it was Thorne and Alec. My ultimate OTP is Malec so no way am I ruining that. I want them married! So I KISS Alec (that is considered cheating though whoops) and I MARRY Thorne who is so sweet and funny and reassuring. He's a perfect gentleman! I love him!

Round 2

Marry: Noah Shaw

Kiss: Simon Lewis

Cliff: Liam

Unfortunately, I have only read The Darkest Minds and not Never Fade yet because my book order has not come. So I am not as connected to Liam than I am to the other characters. So CLIFF for Liam. I'm going to MARRY Noah because I adore Noah Shaw. He is so so so sweet and I have really loved him since The Unbecoming of Mary Dyer! Lastly, I will kiss Simon because his Simon. I love him but Isabelle would kill me. Not that Mara wouldn't but :D

Round 3

Marry: Wolf

Kiss: Jace Herondale

Cliff: Gale

This one was pretty easy. I have never liked Gale. Not since the first time I read about him. It's not just because of the last book. I'm just a Peeta person I guess. So CLIFF for him and I regret nothing. I had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to marry Wolf or Jace and who I wanted to kiss. I chose to KISS Jace and MARRY Wolf because I think Wolf really cares about whoever he loves. I mean Jace is too but I think Wolf i more my type and anyway I could never separate any Cassandra Clare ships.

Round 4

Marry: Ronald Weasley

Kiss: Fang

Cliff: Dimitri Belikov

Damnnit. Another hard one. I chose to MARRY Ron because I adore him. I love his family and I would love to be part of it. He's a pretty nice guy and sweet and stuff. ;D Okay. I really wanted to save Dimitri buttttttttttttt (ha butt) okay um I love Fang. I have loved Fang forever. Not many people know of the Maximum Ride series anymore because its over and then people started hating it because of the stupid ending. (worse ending ever!) But I still adore Fang. His on my top 5 favourite guys ever! I just really love him so much. But I don't think I would marry him although I wouldn't mind because I just love him. So I would KISS Fang and CLIFF Dimitri who I also love but I'm pretty sure he would survive it anyway. :D

Round 5

Marry: Will Herondale

Kiss: Harry Potter

Cliff: Jason Grace

This one was a lot easier for me. I cannot stand Jason so CLIFF for him! And then I adore Will because Herondales so I would MARRY Will and then lastly it left KISS for Harry freaking Potter. Mwahahahaha. Be jealous Ginny. :3

Round 6

Marry: Percy Jackson

Kiss: Etienne St. Clair

Cliff: Adrian Ivashkov

Another hard one again. Sigh. WHY WHY WHY! I love every single one of them. I love Percy the best though because Percy Fucking Jackson. I adore him so much. I love every part of him. He's strong. He's nice. He's adorable. He's beautiful. He's funny. He's cool. He's good to his family. He loves his mum. Oh I just love him. So I MARRY him. Now I had to decide between Etienne and Adrian. I chose Adrian to CLIFF and Etienne to KISS. Unfortunately, I like Etienne 1% better than Adrian and anyways, Etienne has a British Accent so yay! And he's so lovable. Not that I don't love the sexy Adrian Ivashkov :D

Round 7

Marry: Levi

Kiss: Four

Cliff: Magnus Bane

Another freaking hard one. I chose to MARRY Levi because his so sweet and reliable and nice and stuff and I love him! I would adore him forever. Now I couldn't really decide who to kiss or Cliff but I figured that Magnus belongs to Alec (OTP) and anyway Magnus Bane doesn't die like that. So Magnus CLIFFED and I'll kiss the sexy and beautiful Four!

Round 8

Marry: Draco Malfoy

Kiss: Prince Kai

Cliff: Warner 

Why is this so hard. Why did I choose such beautiful favourites of mine to pick to kiss, marry and kill... (except gale - i don't like gale). So I would MARRY Draco because I believe that Draco is actually really nice and stuff ahemDramioneficswherehisjustsofreakingniceahem. I love you him so much. And then I think I would KISS Kai because I really love him from Cinder and I adore him. I have only read Shatter Me because once again my book order is not here, so I don't kow Warner that well. I still like Warner better than Adam already though. I ship JulietteXWarner! So CLIFF for Warner :<

Alright. Feels like the hardest thing I've done like oh my gosh why did I put in so many people I love! I felt my heart break everytime someone I loved CLIFFED. Alright. Thank you for reading this. BYE!

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