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Book Review - City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Title: City of Heavenly Fire

Author: Cassandra Clare

Publication Date: 27th May 2014

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd/Margaret K. McElderry

Pages: 733 Pages/725 Pages

Source: Purchased

Rating: 4.5 ☆ Out of 5 ☆
(I really wanted to give it 5 stars but I have my reasons. Please read on)  

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Summary from Goodreads: 

Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world changed in the sixth and last instalment of the internationally bestselling The Mortal Instruments series.

Erchomai, Sebastian had said. I am coming.

Darkness returns to the Shadowhunter world. As their society falls apart around them, Clary, Jace, Simon and their friends must band together to fight the greatest evil the Nephilim have ever faced: Clary's own brother. Nothing in this world can defeat him - must they journey to another world to find the chance?



As  a huge Mortal Instruments fan who has loved this series from the very start, the feeling of the series finally ending after so long is just surreal. This series is my favorite series ever so you must understand the amount of joy and sorrow I had when reading this book. On the whole, I am very satisfied with how the series ended and I am really thankful for Cassandra Clare and her writing.

Things I liked about the book.

I absolutely adore all the characters. I think that this final book has helped all of them grow tremendously.

Jace. Jace has always been one of my favorite characters because he's snarky and beautiful and he's a Herondale. I feel like he didn't grow as much as the other characters in this book because less parts were given to him but on the whole he satisfied my fangirl feelings!

Clary. I've never really liked Clary alot because I found her quite whiny. However in this book, she grew really kickass and I started liking her in this last book.

Alec. Asides from Magnus, he's my favorite character. I really love how Cassie included so much more of him in this book! I felt that he has really grown so much over the series and I can feel how much he loves Magnus and how much confidence he has gotten.

Magnus. Oh my Magnus. Love you so much. I love that we learned so much about him in this book and once again I adore the love and concern he shows for Alec that we can see in the book :)

Isabelle. Isabelle got even more kickass in the book and I love how much she has grown from the first 3 books to this book. I love how we learned about her fears and all that and how it affects her and the fact that she's not just a pretty face. XD

Simon. Okay. Truth. I never really liked Simon much before because I felt that he was competing with Jace haha. But in this book I really grew to love him alot. He's not my third favorite character.

Others. On the whole, everyone, including the side characters grew and managed to find an end to their story in COHF which I give credit to Cassandra Clare because that's a huge feat. Also, Raphael my baby! I never liked him before but this book. THIS BOOK.


My ships all ended beautifully!

Malec. Malec is my OTP so I had to put them first. Obviously. I love Malec and was absolutely heartbroken when they ended so badly in COLS. I'm glad that Cassie didn't just get them back together immediately. I loved how this time Alec had to show Magnus how much he cared and had to go on the journey and be all worried and show his true emotions. My favorite part was when Alec got to choose whether he wanted to get back together with Magnus. I love That HE could choose. Although sigh Alec will still die eventually and urg. Although haha there was one part I was quite disappointed but relive about because did I mention that I spent the past 2 years reading tragic fics and then fluff fics and then tragic fics again and so I was quite disappointed that there was no deaths. I really wanted a death in Malec so I could mourn and watch the other mourn. ahem well. Love how they ended.

Clace. I love that they had their moments and everything and their sweet sex scene. I'm happy that nothing was rushed and all that and that they ended up happy together. They were never my favorite couple but over the past few years, they did grow on me;)

Sizzy. Oh Sizzy. Sizzy. Sizzy. I never really shipped them before until this last book and then I love them so much now because their love is just beautiful!


Like I mentioned so many times, everything was satisfying for me. I felt that everything wrapped up properly. There was enough growth in all the character, sufficient ship development, etc. Also, on the whole, the plot was well thought out, PERFECT rising action, climax, twists, resolution and ending!  I also think that Cassandra Clare managed a feat with her entwining of Emma, the Blackthorns, Jem, Tessa etc in the midst of all the COHF trouble going on. This is truly the best book that she has written!

Writing Style

Over the years Cassandra Clare's writing has improved tremendously. I feel that her writing is so poetic now and it flows so well. There wasn't any awkward pauses, or any errors anywhere that her previous books may have had. (example the first few were a little awkward-ish). I love the pace and her descriptive paragraphs and all the action packed stuff. Fantastic!
Things I did not like about the book.
I didn't have much I did not enjoy about the book. The only thing I was not so satisfied with was how the ending may have been too anti climatic and safe. I know that I would cry if someone major died and I would mourn and stuff but I think she took a safe route and in the end the ending, even though I loved it, wasn't as happy satisfactory as I wanted. I wish that someone major had died so we could mourn over them and see the others mourn over them too. That's the only thing I wasn't really happy about. Other then that this book would have received a complete 5 stars.

City of Heavenly Fire was pretty much perfect for me. I laughed, cried, and got heartbroken over it. I cannot wait for TDA and TWP (hopefully) because I hope my babes will appear in them but who knows. Also, I am in love with Julian and Mark and Ty and all of the Blackthorns already so can't wait!

Also, I hope that Magnus will continue to appear in every book (he has in every book so far). I hope he remains a permanent fixture:)

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