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Top 10 Genres - 2014 Edition (Day 8)

Hey everyone! Today I'll be talking about my 8th post in the series. In this edition, the theme is 'Top 10 Genres"! This list includes types of book genres that I seriously adore for books and those that I seriously dislike. As this is a mostly young-adult fiction book blog, this list only involves young-adult fiction book genres.

The other posts in the Top-10 list for 2014 so far include:

Note: Some of these 'genres' are very specific and may not be considered typical 'genres' because I seriously like/dislike such genres for books.

Favorite Types of Genres

I will first share my 5 favorite types of genres before I continue with my least favorites. This list is in no particular order.

1. Contemporary (Romance)

I love contemporary genres regardless whether they involve romance although that is always an added bonus!

2. (High) Fantasy

I love all types of fantasy, especially high fantasy and worlds that I would never be able to venture in without books!

3. Paranormal -> Faeries

I really adore faery books for whatever reason and I am always hoping to find other faery books to read!

4. Dystopian/Utopian

I mostly really enjoy Dystopian/Utopian books because I think the way that the author builds the world is superbly interesting and really intriguing to read about.

5. Royalty

As I have mentioned some of these 'genres' don't really make sense but I'm really into royalty being in books! It's one of my favorite things. As such I have included this as a 'genre' haha.

Least Favorite Types of Genres

I will now share my 5 least favorite types of genres. This list is in no particular order.

1. Paranormal -> Angels

There was only ever 1 series which involved Angels that I really liked but other than that Angels are a no no for me.

2. Paranormal -> Zombies

I have tried reading many zombie themed books but I can never get to the end. I honestly seriously will not read them ever again. That's how much I dislike zombie books.

3. Paranormal -> Werewolves

Another paranormal theme that I can't stand. I'm not sure if its because of the concept or whatever reason, I just honestly dislike these specific parts of the larger, wider paranormal genre as a whole.

4. Paranormal -> Witchcraft

There are many sorts of paranormal novels that I honestly enjoy but these 4 are the ones that I really have a problem with and mostly refuse to read as long as these are the main themes of the book. If they are an added side theme, I'm perfectly fine. I just don't really like the concept behind these.

5. Historical

I don't especially like historical settings. I'm not sure why but I always zone out in this books. I enjoy history itself but I can never sit through a full historical novel.


That's it from me! Do look out for my Top 10 post tomorrow! The theme will be 'Top 10 Authors'! Do join me in creating this top 10 2014 end year series if you would like to and please comment down below to your top 10! I would be most glad and excited to look at it :)

*All pictures and graphics do not belong to me. I take no credit for any of it.
** All opinions are mine and are in no way influenced by anyone or anything.

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