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Top 10 OTP - 2014 Edition (Day 4)

Hey everyone! This is Day 4 of my top 10 2014 edition series. The links to the other parts are as follows:
As mentioned in the previous posts, once I have finished the entire series I will post all the links in one post. Do look out for it!

Without further ado, I present to you my 'Top 10 OTPs". I'm super stoked for this because I love me some ships! This list is in no particular order. 

ALSO, because I value my ships so much, this post will not involve just my top 10 book ships but my top 10 OTPs of all time. 

Lastly, I would like to inform everyone that I am a person who supports LGBTQ and as a result some of my ships may include homosexual relationships. I would appreciate it if you would not post hate comments on any of these ships because they are precious to me and as an advocate for LGBTQ, I will not stand for such comments. Thank you very much.


1. Magnus Bane x Alexander Lightwood (Malec)

Series: The Mortal Instruments

Author: Cassandra Clare

Thoughts:  My favorite book ship is Malec because of their growth and vulnerability and that intense love they have for each other. Thank you Cassy for making this ship canon!

2. Percy Jackson x Annabeth Chase (Percabeth)

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Author: Rick Riordan

Thoughts: Sweet Percy and sassy Annabeth did NOT get along in the beginning. However we all know what they say about opposites *wink*. They attract after all. And so long live Seaweed Brain x Wise Girl!

3. Nico Di Angelo x Will Solace (Solangelo)

Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus

Author: Rick Riordan

Thoughts: I ship this so hard and its only because of the last few chapters of the last Heroes of Olympus book and I just can't even. This was the first time I ever shipped any two people as fast as I shipped these two! The shadow x sun couple is so beautiful and perfect together!

4. Celaena Sardothien x Chaol Westfall

Series: Throne of Glass

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Thoughts: I have always shipped this couple ever since I read the Throne of Glass series. Chaol is so smart and handsome and Celaena is sassy and beautiful and vulnerable and I can't even explain it but as the story goes on and they develop together - you will feel their love, like I did.

5. Fred Weasley x Hermione Granger (Fremione)

Series: Harry Potter

Author: J.K.Rowling

Thoughts: Honesty time - I used to ship Dramione. However, my friend recommended I try to read Fremione fanfiction and suddenly I got hooked. Dramione was super sexy whereas Fremione was the fluffiest and cutest thing I ever read! Seriously if you need a cute and cuddly pick up, read a Fremione fic. Fred is SO funny and Hermione is always trying to be  a good girl and so they clash but at the same time they are a perfect fit! 


1. Oikawa Tooru x Iwaizumi Hajime (Iwaoi/Oiiwa)

Series: Haikyuu!!!

Mangaka: FURUDATE Haruichi

Thoughts: Iwaoi is the best thing that has happened to me this year. I was so obsessed I even created a tumblr for them because they deserve it. I love them so much.

2. Midorima Shintarou x Takao Midorima (MidoTaka)

Series: Kuroko No Basuke

Mangaka: FUJIMAKI Tadatoshi

Thoughts: This was my first anime ship I think. At least the first one that I grew serious and has stayed true too. My room is filled with merchandise involving Midorima XD I love the fanfiction, the fanart, just everything about them - especially how they complement each other and how Midorima (who is a tsundere) tries to push Takao away but we all know he loves Takao so much that they are ALWAYS TOGETHER.

3. Sawamura Daichi x Sugawara Koushi (DaiSuga)

Series: Haikyuu!!

Mangaka: FURUDATE Haruichi

Thoughts: Yes yes another Haikyuu!! ship :P Technically almost all ships work in this series because everyone just fits. I love this couple because they are like the mama and papa bears of the sports team they are in and they are so sweet to each other. Suga is like the mama because he's more loving and stuff but he's also more mischievous whereas Daichi is like the papa because he's captain of the team and he can be really strict but he's really really nice most of the time and also only Suga can talk back to him and so they are really like a couple :P

4. Fuji Shuusuke x Tezuka Kunimitsu (Perfect Pair)

Series: Prince of Tennis

Mangaka: KONOMI Takeshi

Thoughts: You must be thinking WHAT ANOTHER SPORTS ANIME PAIRING? Yes. I admit. I'm kind of obsessed with these sports animes recently. Anyways Prince of Tennis is the oldest manga/anime among these series and also my personal favorite. This couple is perfect because they are kind of also like the mama and papa of the team but here Tezuka is a lot stricter and Fuji is a lot more mischievous but once again only Fuji has the power to stand up against Tezuka and only Fuji can compete against Tezuka in terms of skills and in the manga they have so many moments together that my feels always want to explode. I'm sorry! I know I'm rambling and this is confusing!


1. Korra x Mako (Makorra)

Series: The Legend of Korra

Creators: Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino

Thoughts: Makorra is canon. Makorra is love. Makorra is perfect. I'm sorry Korrasami shippers but I'm a Makorra shipper here although I respect the Korrasami ship too.

And that's it! I love this post so much! My favorite things about fandoms are the ships! I love everything about ships! The fluff, the love, the angst! I will even admit that I read tragic fics just to see the characters suffer - especially those major character death fics because you can feel the love so strongly when reading it and feel all those heart-wrenching emotions that make you want to pull your goddamn heart. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Also, do look out for my Top 10 post tomorrow! The theme will be 'Top 10 books in my current TBR that I want to read the most' (I'm trying to shorten the name so please don't mind me :D)! 

Join me in creating this top 10 2014 end year series if you would like to and please comment down below with the link for your top 10! I would be most excited to look at it :)

*All pictures and graphics do not belong to me. I take no credit for any of it.
** All opinions are mine and are in no way influenced by anyone or anything.

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